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What is Event Monitor and how to use it?
What is Event Monitor and how to use it?
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What is Event Monitor?

Event monitor is a simple tool for verifying events, also known as events and traces, received by the edrone system from the store's website, whether sent via the browser or the server. To access the event monitor, follow these steps:

Go to Settings:

Go to Integration:

Click Event Monitor:

How to use the Event monitor?

After clicking on the button, the Event Monitor slides out on the right.

We can view 5 types of events:

  • product view

  • add to cart

  • order

  • subscribe

  • other

If you click on a specific type, the tab will expand and you will events from platform.

When you click on any event, a new window will be displayed in the centre, containing the details of the event. You can see some of it in text form and all of it in JSON code form. You can also download this data in JSON form by clicking on the "Download JSON" button.

What do the event statuses mean?

Each event is marked with a green, yellow or red label:

  • green means that all the desired data has been sent in the event and is correct

  • yellow means that some data is missing or incorrect in the event, but it is not that important and its absence does not negatively affect the reprocessing of the event

  • red indicates more significant errors, e.g. missing an important parameter in the selected event

However, not all errors are critical and not all, despite being marked in red, should cause you concern.

Is every red marking of an event a critical error?

You should always check what the error relates to.

If it concerns the absence of certain product data, e.g. in the add to cart event, then if you have a correctly implemented product feed in xml form in our system, this is our main source of product information, so if the product concerned by the event is in the feed along with an image, link, etc., then you can safely ignore such a notification in the Event monitor.

However, if you do not have a product feed implemented in edrone, then you should check whether the notification only applies to a specific type of event, or perhaps in another type, such data is already being sent correctly.

For example, the 'no image' notification appears for 'add to cart' events, but does not appear for ‘view product' events, even for the same products. This means that our system will save the product image from the product view event to the database, so its absence from another event, in this case add to cart, is not a problem.

However, if the product images are not sent in any event (viewing, adding to cart and purchasing a product), then this error is already significant and in this case you should either import the product feed or improve the integration so that the sent events contain all the required data.

If you are unsure what data is required for specific events, you can check this in our documentation:

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the Event Monitor, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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