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How to add agents and manage access?
How to add agents and manage access?
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To add a new Agent to your account, follow the instructions below.

Remember that only the user appointed as Super Agent can add new users to the panel.

1. Click on SETTINGS

Click on  SETTINGS

2. Click on AGENTS

Click on AGENTS

3. Add another team member

Enter their details - name, surname, and email address.

Add another team member by entering their details - name, surname, email address.

4. Click on SUBMIT

It is important that the invited Agent sets up a password from the email received (in the absence of an account). However, if the Agent invited by SuperAgnet has an account - he/she will receive information about the access he/she has been granted to the new workspace.

Click on SUBMIT

5. Give permissions to the Agent

Newly added agents do not have any permissions by default. These can be assigned when adding a new agent and can later be freely modified in the permissions section available only for SuperAgents.

Give permissions to the Agent.

If the agent does not have permission to a specific part of the system, that section in the Mission Control menu will be locked (it will turn gray and receive a padlock icon).

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about managing accesses, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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