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At edrone, constant improvement is in our DNA. We work closely with our clients to understand what is working and what could be even better.

Among the needs we discovered were the ability to assign different roles to different members of the team, and providing access to more than one store for the same user.

Our clients asked, and we listened! With the new edrone Workspace, our tool offers much more flexibility and control over user roles and account access.

What is edrone Workspace

This is a new feature that allows our clients to share a workspace among employees or partners (such as Marketing agencies).

A new permission-granting user status – a Super Agent – can assign particular permissions and decide which parts of the system other users – known as Agents – can view or access.

Moreover, Multi Factor Authorisation has been introduced to improve the safety of the system. MFA is mandatory for Agents who have access to more than one workspace, and optional for others.

Workspace roles

There are two roles available for users:

  • Super Agent: The primary admin of the edrone workspace. This role will have all permissions and can assign different permissions to each Agent. It is possible to have multiple Super Agents in the same workspace. Super Agents can also add or create as many Agents as needed.

  • Agent: Agents are “regular” users. They are allowed to access specific features according to the permissions granted by the Super Agent.

NOTE: Agents can be promoted to Super Agent, but this title can be only disabled by contact with edrone's Support.

Login Panel

New edrone workspaces change the way users log in to edrone.

After entering their login and password, users have two options:

  1. Choose a workspace from the dropdown list (an Agent may have access to one or multiple workspaces)

  2. Create a new workspace

Option 1: Choose a workspace

When the user has access to only one workspace, he/she can choose the workspace, click the SELECT button, and proceed normally to log in to the Mission Control panel.

If a user has access to more than one workspace, Multi Factor Authentication is mandatory. In that case, after selecting the desired workspace, the user will be redirected to the MFA panel.

NOTE: To learn more about MFA, click here.

Option 2 - Add new workspace

If a user selects Add new workspace, he/she will be redirected to the New workspace view and will be asked for Store URL – it is important that the URL starts with the protocol (http:// or https://).

NOTE: any user can create a new workspace, and whoever creates a new workspace will automatically be assigned as a Super Agent within that workspace.

Manage Agents

Super Agents can view and manage all users with access to the workspace inside SETTINGS > AGENTS > Your team details.

Super Agents have the ability to monitor and manage Agents:

  • Create agent (see below)

  • View Status (Awaiting, Active) and resend invitation if status is “awaiting”

  • View and edit Name and Surname

  • Turn Agents into Super Agents (this is irreversible - only edrone Support can change it afterwards)

  • Activate / deactivate MFA (only if agent has access to only one tracker, otherwise it will be activated by default)

  • Manage permissions (see below)

  • Manage team notifications (see below)

  • Delete an Agent

Create new Agent accounts

Super Agents can invite new team members (i.e. create new Agent accounts) to the workspace. To do this, the Super Agent will need to fill out First name, Last name, and Email address on the Add new team member section below the existing agents list.

An email with invitation will be sent automatically to email address provided. If the invited agent doesn't have an account yet, he will be asked to set up a password. If the invited agent already has an account he will receive an email with information about access to the new workspace.

Newly added agents, by default, don't have any permissions. They can be set when adding a new agent and freely modified later.

Manage permissions

The permissions section is visible only to Super Agents. The available permissions are:

  • Access to Inbox

  • Possibility to import/export data from the system

  • Access to Settings

  • Access to Engagements

  • Access to Onsites

  • Access to Advertisement

  • Access to reports

  • Access to CRM

If an agent doesn't have permission for a particular part of the system, that section in the Mission Control menu will be blocked (grayed out and with a padlock icon).

Manage Team Notifications

On the left of the screen you will find the Team Notifications section, which shows the email notifications the edrone system sends out to the team. Notifications are set up for the whole team, not individually.

Unlinking and closing the workspace

Workspaces can be unlinked or closed by Super Agents. These options can be found on the Settings tab inside each Super Agent’s account.

Unlinking means the workspace will still exist, but the user won’t have access to it anymore. To unlink a user from the workspace, click the UNLINK button.

Removing a workspace will delete it entirely, and no one will have access to it anymore. This operation is irreversible. To remove a workspace, click the REMOVE button.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the edrone Workspace, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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