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New Newsletter Hub creator!

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Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool that can revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers, and improve your on-line store!

Imagine being able to reach your target audience directly, without any obstacles or restrictions. That's what newsletters offer! From now on at edrone, you already have the opportunity to use the new and improved version of the creator.

See how easy it is!

How to start?

To get started on the new creator after logging into Mission Control, click NEWSLETTER in the menu on the right.

You will see a completely new view in the system.

At the very top, reports on your marketing campaigns will appear, including:

  • Number of newsletters sent

  • OR, CTR, CTOR indicators

  • Number of customers who unsubscribed from the newsletter

  • Revenue generated by marketing campaigns

You will also see a preview of your messages:

  • sent

  • scheduled

  • drafts

  • archived

Let's go through a brief guide to creating a newsletter creation.

Step 1. Create a template or use our suggestions

Go into the template editor and choose one of the available templates from edrone that you can edit or create your own from scratch. Be sure to save it so you can use it in the future and not start all over again.

To create your own creation, click START FROM SCRATCH and enter the name of your template.

The next step is to design it using our Drag'n'Drop wizard. Instructions on how to use it are available HERE

IMPORTANT:During the creation of the template, Autosave will work, so that all your actions will be saved automatically.

Once your template is ready, you can immediately use it to create a newsletter. All you have to do is click the USE FOR NEWSLETTER button.

This will take the system to a view where you will see the saved templates that you will use for future marketing campaigns!

Step 2. Design

In this step you will convert the template you just prepared into a newsletter to your customers. In the wizard you will see several options:

  • Information about enabled Autosave

  • Ability to copy creations

  • Ability to paste creations, e.g. from another automation scenario

  • Saving all changes (the prudent always insured! :))

  • Sending a test message

To see how the creative looks in the mailbox, enter your email address, send a test and see how the newsletter looks.

Step 3. Settings

In this step you will see the following view.

In the Newsletter Name section, enter the name of your campaign, which will be visible only to you. Underneath, you will see a LIVE preview of the sender of the message, its subject, audience group, and the newsletter view.

Next, fill in the information for the aforementioned sender and email address. In addition, you can add a URL link to which you want the customer to be redirected after clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

Step 4. Audience

Here you will decide the group of customers who will receive your message.

You have several options:

  • All audience are all recipients with a specific subscription status.

    Be sure to mark the subscription status: SUBSCRIBERS

  • Segment is a section that consists of General and Manual options.

The General section contains segments created by edrone based on how much your customers spend in the store.

The Manual section, on the other hand, brings together all the previous types of newsletters in one place:

Custom filter by customer fields -allows you to segment your customers based on their interactions (browsing products, adding to cart or ordering them) with one or more product categories in your store.

Tagged - the mailing will be executed to a group of recipients who will be assigned a specific tag.

Category - filter your recipients based on a category, so for example, you can pull customers from the last month with an order from, for example, the dresses category

  • IMPORTED - The message will be sent to customers from a pre-imported file of your choice:

Step 5. Summary

The time has come to schedule your mailing! You can send the newsletter right away or schedule a day and time to send it.

NEW: We will offer the best time to send a newsletter after 1 month or 5 newsletters sent!

Once you've completed all the steps, resend the test message to yourself or go straight to scheduling a mailing. And you're done!


In the system you will find a separate tab for discount codes that you can use in your newsletters!

To create a coupon pool, go to NEWSLETTER > COUPON and click on the CREATE NEW POOL button in the lower right corner of the screen.

When creating a new coupon pool, you will decide whether you want to use static or dynamic coupons.

Your new coupon pool will be displayed in the list of coupon pools, where it will be possible to change the name or delete it completely. For static coupons, it will also be possible to change the coupon code, and for dynamic coupons, it will be possible to upload a CSV file with coupon codes.

After creating a coupon pool, go back to the email SETTINGS step and select a coupon pool for each email.

In the list of coupon pools, you will find information about how many coupons you have left in each pool or in which mailings they have already been used.


When your mailing is completed, you can verify all the details that pertain to it by simply clicking PREVIEW next to a specific message in the main view of the newsletter section:

When clicked, a window with mailing details appears, divided into sections:

Details - includes the status of the mailing, the date of creation, sending the email, its name and ID number, as well as metrics on opens, clicks and revenue

Preview - this is a preview of your newsletter creation

Audience - this part is responsible for information about the recipients, for what status the mailing was made, what type of customer segmentation was chosen, but importantly:

You can download for yourself here those to whom the newsletter was sent!

Popular Links - you can see where your customers clicked most often in the message

What if you could resend the campaign only to people who previously didn't open your email, or only to those who responded to your newsletter? No problem, just click RESEND!

And that's it!

You need more help?

If you have any additional questions about Newsletter Hub please do not hesitate to contact us at

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