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How to find campaign details and report in Newsletter HUB?
How to find campaign details and report in Newsletter HUB?
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To find out more about the newsletter campaign you sent, hover over the selected message and click PREVIEW.

Click on highlight

Click the "Preview" tab, then "Audiences" and so on to see more.

  • Details - here you will find information such as the date the campaign was sent, its name, ID number, number of messages sent, open rates, click-through rates, number of orders, revenue generated, number of vouchers sent, events such as unsubscribed customers, hard bounce (i.e. information that indicates the message was not delivered for reasons such as: the recipient's address does not exist, the domain name does not exist, or the recipient has email delivery blocked), information about the UTM of the message, or the unsubscribe link

Click on Details…
  • Preview - here you can see the preview of your newsletter creation

Click on Details…
  • Audience - this part is responsible for information about recipients, for which status the mailing was carried out, which customer segment was selected.

  • Popular links you can see where your customers most frequently clicked on in the message

Click on Details…

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