Get to know the possibilities of the Newsletter HUB!
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The Newsletter HUB is now a single workspace, you will find it by going from the main panel to the NEWSLETTER section (fourth tab from the top).


The latest version of the newsletter offers:

  • new report view,

  • recipient download options,

  • preview orders placed thanks to a specific newsletter mailing

  • a separate tab for managing coupons,

  • a tab for draft versions

In addition:

  • you have the option to edit several messages at the same time

  • the option to create and save your message template is available,

  • segmentation available in one place and accumulates all existing newsletter types!

    You have options for general segmentation, such as in a dynamic newsletter, and manual segmentation, such as in a category or dedicated newsletter.

  • you will find a scheduling and prompting option where, based on your campaigns, we will suggest the best time to send the newsletter.

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