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Instructions for integration with cs.cart platform
Instructions for integration with cs.cart platform
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  1. Download the integration package by going to Settings-->Integration section. Click the cs.cart icon and then the "Download package in point 1.

  2. Login to your cs-cart admin panel

  3. Go to "Add-ons"-->"Manage add-ons".

  4. Please click on the cog icon to open a list and pick "Manual Installation"

  5. Click on "Local" and find the package you've already downloaded. Then "Upload & Install"

  6. Find a Edrone CRM plugin on a list and click "Activate"

  7. Click on the plugin itself to go to the plugin's Settings and provide app_id that you can find in edrone integration settings.
    Make sure the plugin is "on"

    App ID field with the data you find in point 3 of the instructions in the platform:

  8. Then click "Save" button(top-right corner). That's it, we are done!

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