How to setup edrone's Chat & Call widget in your website

The Chat widget layout can easily be customized by going to edrone's MISSION CONTROL, then: ONSITE >> CHAT

By clicking the PLUS SIGN (in green), you will be able to create up to eight different versions of the widget:

  • Welcome Message tab

In this section, you can setup the content the client will see before interacting with the widget.

After this setup, it will look like the screen below and will appear next to the Chat icon:

  • Greetings tab

Here you can setup the text to be displayed for:

1) Greetings...

... which will show like this:

2) The rest of the welcome message (e.g. "We will be happy to answer all your questions!")...

... which will show like this:

3) Contact number

4) Button (that will trigger a conversation)...

... which will show like this:

  • User identification & email collection tab

In this tab, you will setup the Chat widget that will be shown right after the user's first contact, like this:

How does it work? When the user writes to you for the first time, you will ask him for his email address and name. Therefore, when he leaves the Chat window, the message will be sent to his inbox.

Here, you will create the text to explain to the user why you are collecting his email address for (e.g. "An email address is required to start a conversation. This allows us to answer your question even after you have left the site.").

Then, you will complete the request with the name, email address, and information that will appear next to the checkbox (that must be checked).

You will also setup the button.

  • Display tab

With this tab you will setup the appearance of the window that will appear to the user when he wants to send you a message.

You can setup your agents through the "Agent tab" by uploading a 110px x 110px image.

  • Design tab

Here you can setup colors, location (left/right), and position.

In the Dark Color panel, you edit the subtitle, while in the Light Color panel, you edit the background.

  • Rules tab

Here you have the ability to setup the rules to display or hide the widget.

  • Preview tab

Here you have the opportunity to publish your widget, see the preview on your website or on edrone's Mission Control.

You are all set. Now it's time to create a good communication strategy and continue improving on your relationship with your visitors and customers.

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