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How to configure Push Widget?
How to configure Push Widget?

Configure the Push Widget that will allow you to collect a push subscriber base.

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Push Widget configuration consists of preparing 3 elements:

  • Notification subscription widget (+push bell)

  • Subscription window

  • Thank you messages for subscribing

You can read more about Push Widget elements and their purpose here.

Follow the steps below to start the setup:

1. Click on ONSITE section

Click on  ONSITE



3. Click on ADJUST section

Click on ADJUST

In this section, configure the appearance of individual elements of the Push Widget.

Configure the notification subscription widget

The notification subscription widget is a window through which users can agree to receive notifications in the browser.

The default message displayed on the bar is:

"Do you agree to receive push notifications with special offers and sales?"

However, if you want to change the content of the notification, check the "Custom push box text" checkbox and enter your content. You can use up to 90 characters.

You can choose a logo to be displayed on the bar.

Upload a 110x110px logo in the "PushBox logo" place.

On the beam, there are always two buttons: YES and NO. You can change the color of the text on the buttons and the color when hovering over the button that confirms the save.

To change the color of the text on the buttons, use the "TEXT COLOR"

The TEXT COLOR option applies to the text in the subscription bar and in the bell.

To change the color of the text on the YES button, use the "YES TEXT COLOR" option.

To change the color of the text on the YES button after hovering over it, use the "YES HOVER COLOR" option.

See what the YES button looks like in practice.

Before hover:

On hover:

This item will only be displayed on desktop devices.

A bell is used to collect push subscribers on mobile devices, which we will describe below.

Additional settings related to the record bar:

  • Open widget after (only for unsaved users) defines the delay with which a bar with a proposal to subscribe to push notifications will be displayed after entering the website

  • Cookie time in days - allows you to specify the length of consent for push notifications for a given user; after the selected time has elapsed, the widget with the suggestion to save will reappear

Bell configuration

The bell you see in the panel is where users can sign up for push notifications when they close the signup window - this applies to desktop devices.

Remember that we will only display the bell on mobile devices - this is the only place through which you can collect push subscribers on mobile devices.

It is also the only place where users can unsubscribe from receiving push notifications (desktop and mobile devices).

In addition, a bell is a place where you can show subscribers' recently uploaded campaigns.

The bell configuration includes:

  • adding your store's logo

  • adding text that is displayed after expanding the bell

  • changing the color of the text throughout the bell

  • changing the background color of the bell after expanding the window

  • changing the color of the bell icon

To add a logo visible in the bell, use this option:

To change the message below the logo, use this option:

To change the color of the text in the entire bell, use the "Text color" option:

To change the background color of the bell, use the "Widget background color" option:

To change the color of the bell icon, use the "Background color" option:

Additional bell icon settings:

  • Language - select the language in which the messages inside the bell should be displayed

  • The position (right/left) determines the position of the bell on the page

  • Bell opacity (default/50%) - allows you to set a transparent bell icon

  • Y axis offset - allows you to change the position of the bell icon relative to the Y axis

  • X axis offset - allows you to change the position of the bell icon relative to the X axis

Subscription window configuration

The subscription window will be displayed when the user clicks "YES" in the notification subscription window. In the subscription window, you should allow receiving notifications in the browser (a browser notification will be displayed asking for consent).

In the subscription window you can choose:

  • logo that will be displayed in the window - we recommend adding your store's logo in the size of 110x110 px

  • the background color of the subscription window

Configure thank-you messages for subscribing

Here you can configure the notification that will be displayed after a successful subscription to push notifications.

The notification will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen (for desktop devices) or in the slide-out notification bar (for mobile devices).

The notification consists of:

  • logo (we recommend dimensions 110x110 px)

  • short message (header + message content; 80 characters in total)

  • banner (optional; we recommend dimensions 420x210px)

To add a logo, click "Choose Files" in the Icon field:

To add a header and body of the message, use the available fields in the places below:

To add a thank you banner, click "Choose Files" in this box:

Your banner will be displayed under the header and body message.

In addition, you can add a redirect to the selected page after clicking on the banner. In the "Destination URL" field, add the address to which users should be redirected.

Generating a Push Widget preview

If you want to see how your Push Widget looks on the website, use the preview view generation option.

Click the "PREVIEW" button at the very bottom of the section.

The "SEE LIVE VERSION ON YOUR STORE" button will take you to your website where you can see the entire Push Widget.

The "PUBLISH" button will add a Push Widget to the page.

Disable Push Widget

To disable a published Push Widget, go to the Push Newsletter -> Adjust section and click the "Disable Push Widget" button at the very top of the section.

Do you need additional help?

If you have any additional questions about Push Widget in edrone, please contact us via

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