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What is the Push Widget composed of?
What is the Push Widget composed of?
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Notification subscription widget

Before you can create a Push Newsletter, you should set up a subscription widget. It will collect visitors' consent to receive notifications.

The widget will be divided into three parts:

  • Notification subscription box, which will be displayed in the middle top part of the page when an unsubscribed user enters your site.

  • The subscription windows, which allow users to receive or block notifications.

  • Notification bell that will be constantly displayed on the bottom left or bottom right of the page.

    By default, after entering the website, the user will see only the bell icon, and after clicking it, a panel will expand where you can see the recently received push notifications.


In the expanded bell window, there is also an option to unsubscribe from receiving push notifications (see above for the "Subscribe" button, which will show "Unsubscribe" for subscribers, respectively).

This is the only place from which the user can unsubscribe from push notifications (the push subscriber status will also be lost when browser cookies are deleted/cleared).

On the left side of your screen, you will find the widget settings panel, where you can set several parameters: fonts, text, colors, position, etc.

The subscription window

The Push Newsletter subscription window was created with a "double opt-in" model, which is required by data protection regulations: RODO. Users must allow or block notifications.

The subscription window settings are located below the widget configuration panel (widget adjustments panel). Here you will be able to add your company logo and change the background color.

Thank you message

Below the subscription window settings, you'll find the final configuration step: the thank you message that visitors will see after agreeing to receive notifications.

If you promised them a discount coupon in exchange for their subscription, you can show it here.

As in the previous step, the settings panel will be located on the left side. You will also be able to add images (icons or your logo) and write your own "thank you" message.

To publish the widget, click the PREVIEW button. After the preview is generated, you will see the publish button.

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