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How to edit UTM parameters in e-mails?
How to edit UTM parameters in e-mails?

Learn how to edit UTM in Marketing Automation scenarios and newsletter campaings!

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UTM parameters are codes added to the end of links that help Google Analytics and other website tracking tools identify where visitors are coming from. By adding UTM parameters to your emails, you can better understand how emails sent via edrone contribute to overall traffic and conversions.

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Editing UTMs in standard Marketing Automation scenarios

Go to the Design section (Dashboard → Engage → Selected Scenario → Design), and then scroll down to the bottom of the tab, to the UTM Builder segment.

Here you can edit UTMs - you can change the source, medium, term, and campaign name. By default, all parameters are set except time (term).

In exactly the same way, you can change the UTM parameters for newsletters sent from the following scenarios: Dynamic Newsletter, Custom Newsletter, Category Newsletter, A/B Newsletter, SMS Newsletter.

Make sure to save your changes! 😉

Editing UTMs in Newsletter HUB

Go to the Settings section of any newsletter creative (Dashboard → Newsletter NEW→ selected newsletter → Settings). On the right side of the panel, you will find UTM Settings.

Here you can edit the campaign name in UTM. Source and Medium are set by default.

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