If you have a multilingual e-commerce website, you might want to ask yourself one question just as you integrate the edrone plug-in:What language do I want to speak to my customers?

The edrone system enables you to create: 

  • A Single language campaign; or 

  • A Multi language campaign (bulk email will be sent according to the customer browser settings).

Single Language:

A campaign has been created in one language version. Thus, all store customers will receive the same message. We recommend to enable the edrone plug-in only for the specific store sub-site. For instance, if you create campaigns in Polish, we recommend that you enable the edrone plug-in only for the store.pl sub-site. There is no need to integrate with other sub-sites (like store.de or store.cz). 

By excluding sub-sites in other languages you can avoid: 

  • sending email in Polish to users of, say, the German language sub-site; 

  • displaying products with captions in various language versions; or

  • errors in statistics. The currency is not translated (EUR 50=PLN 50).

Multi language:

Users are identified by their browser settings. So, if you create campaigns in three different languages, e.g., in German, English and Polish, they will reach customers who use browsers in the targeted languages, respectively. 

The system offers two options for you to choose what suits you better. 

Language-targeting campaigns without currency targeting:

Do you want to send multilingual messages but to people who use the same currency?Example: You run a store in English and in German but your prices are all in a single currency: EUR.

Make sure that product fields “product_id” uploaded via API have the right prefix for the relevant language version. 

Language- and currency-targeting campaigns: 

To ensure correct revenue statistics, you need to create several accounts in the edrone system. Every language version should have a separate app_id. 

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