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History of imported contacts database
History of imported contacts database
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Each import is recorded in the History section, in the import settings (SETTINGS > IMPORT).

In the history table you will see the following information:

  • Import date - the location (e.g. Europe/Warsaw) indicates the time zone

  • File name: the name of the imported file with the extension

  • Status:

    • Completed - the import was successful

    • In Progress - the import is in progress or in queue

    • Failed - the import was not completed due to errors

  • Rows: the number of rows that have been processed

  • Import ID: a unique code that identifies the import in the edrone system. It is used by edrone support department for troubleshooting.

    • If you want to pass the import ID to support, click on the copy button to the right of this field.

Clicking the Dropdown button (down arrow at the end of each line) expands a summary with information on what data has been imported and how many addresses in the database have been updated.


type of import performed

File name

name of the imported file with expansion and information about the file size in MB

Action for tags

Add - if we added tags to existing tags

Overwrite - if we overwrote the existing tags

Subscription status source

From file - if we mapped a column with subscription statuses

Manual - if statuses are selected manually

Action for duplicates

Ignore - if we ignored duplicate email addresses

Overwrite - if we overwrote the data of existing addresses


number of new users in the database


number of updated email addresses


number of skipped email addresses

Total email subscribed customers

Total sms subscribed customers

Total email unsubscribed customers

Total sms unsubscribed customers

Total email unknown customers

Total sms unknown customers

number of imported and updated email addresses with a given subscription status

Mapped fields

file columns mapped during database import


tags used during import


number of invalid rows in the file

Deleted before import

addresses that were removed from the database before importing

It is also possible to download the recently added customer database to our system. To do this, use the "Download" button in the left part of this section. The imported file can be downloaded for 7 days from the date of import.

Do you need additional help?

If you have any additional questions about importing your customer database into edrone, please contact us at

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