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Does the edrone system save the information sent for email addresses with domains such as
Does the edrone system save the information sent for email addresses with domains such as

It is possible to block sending and save data for the selected domain.

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Our system is equipped with a mechanism for automatically blocking the sending of messages to email addresses with the specified domains, and a mechanism for blocking the saving of customer data sent in events from the store, from edrone pop-ups or through the API - for selected domains.

For newly created edrone accounts, a certain pool of domains (these are mainly domains considered suspicious and domains of some shopping platforms) is automatically added to the 'blacklist' and for these domains one of the mentioned mechanisms is activated - or both at the same time.

For example, for domains such as and only automatic blocking of sending messages is set.

This means that if, for example, an email address or appears in the database, our system will block sending messages to the indicated email address.

However, for example, for the domain both blocking mechanisms are currently activated.

For example, when the system receives information with the address about an attempt to subscribe to a newsletter on the store's website (e.g. from a subscription form linked to edrone), such an event will be rejected by the system - the email will not be saved in the database. Events with a given email address will be rejected in the same way if you sign up from edrone pop-up or send them via the API

However, if such an email address was added via manual import (which we do not block), then mechanism 1 will work and sending messages to the indicated domain will be blocked.

These mechanisms have been implemented to protect accounts from the gathering of an unwanted database of email addresses, bots attacks and sending spam to suspicious domains, which could result in weakening the reputation of the sending domain, uncontrolled growth of the customer base and disruption of statistics in the edrone panel

What if I want to block data collection or message sending for the specified domain?

It is possible to blacklist a domain for an individual edrone account. On request, we can block data collection for a specific domain (mechanism 2) and block the sending of messages to email addresses with the specified domain (mechanism 1), if such an address appeared in the database.

To do this, please contact edrone support and specify the domain to be added to the blacklist. Also, please let us know which mechanism should be activated for a given domain.

The domain lock will work approximately 30 minutes after the domain is locked. The historical data will not be deleted from the "Reports" section and from the "Customer Profile". If a customer, for example, makes an order 30 minutes after the lock, the event will not be collected by us.

Remember not to blacklist domains that you are not sure about, so as not to block the possibility of collecting the database and sending messages to real customers of your online store.

This is a useful functionality, for example, when on a given platform (store) integrated with edrone, order data from various sales platforms ( type) is collected, and the data is sent to edrone via API, or using server events.

Need more help?

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