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Why do I see a 'Bestsellers not Available' notification?
Why do I see a 'Bestsellers not Available' notification?

You are planning campaign and received a notification ‘Bestsellers not Available’. From the following article, you will learn what it means!

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The 'Bestsellers not Available' notification is displayed when you try to start a message dispatch whose design includes the dynamic element 'Bestseller', and the category selected in this element does not currently have any item that is a bestseller available, or the items are completely unavailable.

In such a case, you should select a different bestseller category that contains available products.

The category for which the notification was displayed will be available for selection again when the best-selling products are back in stock or replaced by other products from that category.

If you notice that the "Bestsellers" section is grayed out and you cannot add it to your creation, it means that your account currently has no products that could be considered bestsellers in any of the available categories. In that case you can you can replace the dynamic element with another one.

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