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Differences between message templates and 24h window message in WhatsApp
Differences between message templates and 24h window message in WhatsApp
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In WhatsApp Business, there are two different types of messages that can be sent: Message templates, and 24-hour window messages. They allow companies to communicate with customers in a more organized and efficient way

To get the most out of your business account and understand how to reach customers more effectively, you need to know the differences between these types of messages.

WhatsApp templates:

WhatsApp templates are pre-approved messages that companies can send to their customers via the WhatsApp Business API.

  • These are predefined messages that can be sent automatically to users in various situations, such as notifications about the status of an order or information about products added to a shopping cart.

  • They have been approved by WhatsApp and can be sent outside the 24-hour window, regardless of the user's last interaction.

  • WhatsApp charges for sending the templates and their delivery. You can read more about the price list HERE

Remember before using a template, that it must be approved by WhatsApp. It is a tool that provides assurance about the content and is used primarily for business purposes.

Messages in the Window 24h:

Messages in the 24-hour Window allows companies to communicate with customers for a window of 24 hours from the customer's last activity on the WhatsApp platform.

  • The session window is refreshed and reset each time a consumer responds, for the next 24 hours.

  • There is no restriction on the format of your response and it can be text, links, multimedia, etc. You can also send multiple messages simultaneously.

MOST IMPORTANT: Each message is free within 24 hours of the consumer's last message!

Remember that by using the 24-hour window messaging, companies can send messages without using a template. Also remember that you can continue communicating with your customers for free in our Inbox! This is a more flexible approach that allows you to communicate more freely in the first 24 hours after the last customer activity, as well as prevent spam and ensure fast service!

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