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How does the "Do not send more often than…" option work in scenarios?
How does the "Do not send more often than…" option work in scenarios?
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If you set the option "Do not send more often than once per..." to X days, it means that a given message from the scenario will not go out once again earlier than the specified value in the mentioned option.

It is recommended to set this option to a value greater than the length of the entire cycle if you want to avoid overlapping cycles.

For better understanding, this is illustrated below with an example:

In the Viewed Products scenario, there is a cycle of messages sent 1 day after the action, 3 days after, and 7 days after, and set the cool down option (don't send more than once per...) to 8 days:

This means that the first message will not go out again earlier than in 8 days. If the customer comes back and views the product again after the first message, the cycle will not start again. Only if such an action occurs 8 days after the first message is sent, the cycle will begin again.

If the cool down option is set for less than the length of the entire cycle, it could result that before the customer receives the last message of one cycle, the first message of the newly started cycle (triggered by an action between messages) will go out to them again.

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