Product feed download and update statuses

Find out which download and update statuses can occur and what they mean.

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From this article, you will learn what the statuses of downloads and product feed updates can be and what they mean.

Feed download and update statuses:

  • Updated - means that the feed has been uploaded correctly and is up to date

  • Failed - means that the system has lost access to the file and the data in the system is not updated

  • Completed with errors - means that the system has correctly reprocessed the file, but has detected incorrect values in the file for some products

  • In progress - means the system is processing the file

  • Inactive - means the product feed is disconnected

  • Not matched - means that the upload of the feed has failed (especially for feeds that required a mapping activity and the mapping was interrupted)

  • Rejected - means that a feed with the same address may already exist in the system or is currently pre-mapped or the file does not exist.

  • Unable to download feed - this means that the system could not download the feed. Try adding our IP to the whitelist to enable downloading

  • Server error - this means that the last attempt to upload a product feed encountered a server error (Error 500). Contact your e-commerce platform's technical support or try again in an hour.

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