Why does reached in Custom Flows show 0?
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The REACHED counter shows the current number of users who have reached that specific step in the Flow.

Click on FILTER…

The situations on the screen above should be understood as follows:

72 users took actions that led them to a WAIT item that lasted 7 days. After 7 days, each of them will be able to move on and the REACHED number will increase with the next item.

The FILTER that will check the set CUSTOMER ATTRIBUTE should reach all users who have waited the appropriate time, REACHED next to this element will mean the number of users whose SMS status has been checked.

With NOT MATCHED, we will see the number of users who did not meet the filter conditions, and with MATCH in the next item, REACHED will contain all users who have met the FILTER condition.

"0" with REACHED we see:

  • when no user has reached a Flow step yet

  • hen Flow was just launched and as above. no user has reached the start item yet

If in the above example, 0 REACHED would persist for more than 7 days - check the logic of the set element after WAIT. If you do not see any objections - contact edrone support and we will verify the situation.

If despite starting Flow, REACHED the start item does not increase - contact edrone support.

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