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Communication channels in Custom Flows
Communication channels in Custom Flows
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Communication channels are nothing more than how you will engage your target audience at each stage of their purchase path. The automation setup created within Custom Flows, consists of four elements: start, filter, wait, and action.

It is in the "action" option that you decide how you will reach with your message to particular groups of your audience!

To get started and choose the communication channels most suitable for you, just click on "+".

Click on +

Here you will see the option "ADD ELEMENT" and this is where you select ACTION to add a new element to your Custom Flow.

Click on Add a new element…

Then select an action type that will take place at a certain time when the conditions you indicate are met.

Select …

Currently, three options are available:

  • Sending an email - create a new email or a selection of previous emails.

  • Displaying a pop-up - create a new pop-up or select previous pop-ups.

  • Assigning a tag - only previously created tags.

As you can see you have 2 channels of communication to use in Custom Flows:

  • emails

  • our Custom Pop-Up

Click on Display pop-up

To create an email or PopUp for Custom Flow, use an already created project or create a completely new one.​

Click on highlight

Click on highlight


The process of creating an email or Custom PopUp in Custom Flow is exactly the same as in any other automation scenario. Check out our article on the Drag'n'Drop Editor or read this one explaining how to create a Custom Pop-up.

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