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How to prepare a Push Newsletter campaign?
How to prepare a Push Newsletter campaign?
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If you already have a Push Widget configured and you already have a push subscriber base, it's time to prepare a Push Newsletter campaign.

You can create campaigns by going to the Onsite -> Push Newsletter tab -> create a new campaign.

STEP 1: Create the design

In the "Design" section, you will create your push campaign - logo, subject, text, links, and a "big image", which will be a banner located at the top of your push message.

If you don't want to add the banner, you can simply click "remove big image" and your messages will be sent without it.

Recommended dimensions for:

  • the logo is 110x110 px

  • banner is 420x210 px

Below is a preview of a sample Push Newsletter after sending:

If you are satisfied with the appearance of your Push Newsletter, go to the AUDIENCE section.

STEP 2: Audience

You don't have to do anything in this section. It is only there to show you the current number of users who subscribe to your push notifications.


Because Push Newsletters rely solely on cookies, this figure will show the total amount of cookies stored, not necessarily reflecting the exact number of people who will receive push notifications. This is because if someone subscribes to your Push Newsletter and then clears the cookies in their browser and subscribes again, two different cookies will be stored.

STEP 3: Date

In this section, you will be able to choose when your newsletter will be sent. You can decide to send it immediately or schedule it for another day and time.

NOTE: In edrone, we measure time according to the CET zone.

We're almost done! Go to the Review section to send test push campaign and send it.

STEP 4: Review

Now it's time for you to check that everything is in order. To send a test message, click the SEND PUSH TEST button.

Ready? Great! Click the RUN or SCHEDULE button. From this moment your Push Newsletter will be active!

Do you need more help?

If you have any additional questions about Push Newsletter, please contact us via

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