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How do I add a discount code in a standard scenario to send a newsletter?
How do I add a discount code in a standard scenario to send a newsletter?
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Adding a code in a creation

In order to add a discount code to a message, just select the option Merge tags → Coupon in any text field in the creative (in the Design section).

This option will appear after clicking on the test block.

After adding the coupon, of course, we can edit it in the same way as standard text.

For the coupon to work, select the type and pack of discounts in the Coupons tab.

Code selection in the Coupons tab

In the Coupons section, we have a choice of an individual code and a permanent code:

  • Dynamic code - each customer will receive a unique code in the message. Here we can select the package from which the customer will receive the discount.

NOTE: Code packs should be uploaded in the form of a CSV file, one by one, without additional elements.

  • Static Code - it is the same for each customer, just enter its content in the text field. Alternatively, we can enter the content of the code in the body of the message, without using Scalable tags.

Done! 💪

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the coupon codes in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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