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This is where you decide who will receive your messages. You can send a message to all your contacts or use one of the standard segmentation options

  • All - all clients from your base

  • Low spenders: 80% of customers with the lowest total purchase value

  • Medium spenders: 19% of customers with the average total purchase value

  • Big spenders: 1% of customers with the highest total purchase value

  • Frequent spenders: customers in the top 25% highest number of orders

  • Prospect customers: visitors who haven't placed an order yet

  • Tagged: You can choose from one or more tags that you created

  • Gender: Male, Female, Refused to pass, Unknown, Other

Each option can be further segmented by subscription status:

  • Subscribers - customers subscribed to your newsletter

  • Subscription status unknown - Users who have provided their email address (e.g., by creating an account or making a purchase), but are not subscribed to your mailing list.

  • Subscribers and subscription status unknown - Customers subscribed to your newsletter and those who have left their email address, but are not subscribed to your marketing mailings

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