What is the attribution and attribution model?
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What is attribution?

Attribution is simply assigning a share of user conversions to each channel we use in a marketing campaign.

What is an attribution model?

An attribution model is an analytical tool that helps us understand how individual marketing channels contribute to conversions. Within a user's conversion path, there may be many interactions with different sources and advertising campaigns. The attribution model is used to assign an appropriate value to each of these interactions.

For example, suppose a user was introduced to our website through a search engine ad, then visited our Facebook page, and finally made a purchase after clicking on a newsletter they received. Each of these touches may have influenced the user's decision to buy, but the question is, which of these touches contributed the most to the conversion?

An attribution model sets out to answer this question by determining which steps in the conversion path contributed most to the final conversion. It can be based on various rules and algorithms, such as last click (last interaction before conversion), equal distribution (equal share for all interactions), or also more advanced models based on statistics.

Through attribution modeling, we can gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We can optimize our efforts by focusing on the channels that matter more in the conversion process.

By discovering where in the pathway a user comes into contact with our content, we can tailor our actions to improve the value offered to users and increase the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

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