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For what purpose does edrone identify users?
For what purpose does edrone identify users?
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For what purpose does edrone identify users?

Identification is, like integration, the basis for the correct operation of the edrone system. Thanks to identification, the system "knows" to whom the message should be sent, or display the appropriate onsite. Thanks to this, information about users, personal data (entered in forms on the store site) and behavioral data (behavior in the online store) are collected correctly. All this information on individual customers, can be found in the CRM, after searching for a specific email address.

What does it consist of?

Identification involves linking an email address to an edrone cookie. The cookie is assigned per browser, so if a customer already has a cookie and performs certain actions on the site, all these events will be assigned to it on the customer's card, even if they do not provide an email address every time. If the user clears the cookies, identification is lost, but it can be restored when the cookie is again linked with the email address (e.g., entering the address on the store page).

There are several ways of identification. They are described in the article on ways of identification.

edrone does not identify users between stores.

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