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Implement the necessary events for the Wishlist scenario
Implement the necessary events for the Wishlist scenario
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In order for the Wishlist scenario to function properly, it is necessary to implement two additional events that will be responsible for enrolling the user in the waiting list and sending a message from the system when the product is newly available in the store.

The scripts that are responsible for these events need to be implemented in your e-commerce platform. The support of your technical department will be useful.

Topic_observe event

Topic_observe is designed to send information to the edrone system that a user has signed up for the waiting list for a particular product. It must be sent to edrone when the user enters their email address and confirms the enrollment by clicking a button.

After signing up for the waiting list, the customer will not receive any message but will be visible in the edrone system, in the "Adjust" section of the Wishlist scenario.

Topic_publish event

The purpose of this script is to send a message from the store platform to edrone that a particular product is now available and customers can buy it.

Topic_publish is a trigger to send a message from the Wishlist scenario, so be sure to have the Wishlist scenario configured and running when testing this functionality.

In our documentation, you can find an example of implementation on the browser side (frontend): You can also prepare the topic_publish event on the backend side.

IMPORTANT: The product availability information is not retrieved from the product feed

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