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How do I add selected products to a message?
How do I add selected products to a message?
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Did you know that you already have the option of adding selected products to your message creations using an identifier or product name? Now creating emails will be even more fun!

It will enable you to quickly add the selected product to your message. The product title, description, price and URL will be automatically retrieved.

Of course, you can edit and shorten the product title or description, and you can also change the font, size, colour and positioning of the button directing you to the page.

How do you use the "Product" element?

It's easy, just drag it into the message template. Once clicked, you will find the 'edit product' button on the left-hand side, which will take you to the product search engine.

You can search for a product by entering its ID, its whole name or just a part of it.

Once you have found the right product, click on it to place it in your creative.

Important: To get the most out of this element, it is important to have an active product feed!

How to edit "Product" element?

On the left-hand side of the wizard, you will find options such as:

  • editing the title, its font and font size

  • editing the product description

  • editing the product price, its colour, background

  • edition of button colour and positioning

Adjust all the parameters to your preferences and that's it!

Do you see how simple it is?

Need more help?

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