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How do I add a survey in a message creation?
How do I add a survey in a message creation?
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Why use surveys?

Did you know that surveys in automation messages are an effective tool for collecting customer feedback and data, which can positively impact your business strategy and customer relationships?

We've got a few reasons for you why there are many benefits to placing surveys, such as a satisfaction survey, in automation messages:

Satisfaction Rating: Surveys allow you to collect feedback and ratings from customers immediately after a purchase or interaction with the brand. This enables you to monitor customer satisfaction levels and respond quickly to any problems.

Strengthening Relationships: The questions in a survey may not only be about products, but also about the purchasing experience or customer service. This provides an opportunity to establish a dialogue and strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Quick Analysis: With a survey in your automation message, you can quickly collect and analyse customer feedback. This allows you to adjust your business strategy in real time.

Data Segmentation: The information collected from surveys can help you better understand the preferences and needs of different groups of customers, making it easier to create personalised offers and marketing activities.

Product and Service Improvement: Customer feedback is a valuable source of information on what can be improved in the products and services offered.

Increase Conversions: Messaging surveys can increase customer engagement and interaction with the brand, which can ultimately contribute to higher conversions.

Participation and Involvement: Customers who are asked to share their opinion may feel more participation in the company's processes, which affects loyalty.

Monitoring Trends: By conducting regular surveys, changes in customer preferences and market trends can be tracked.

Business Decision Support: Information from surveys can support strategic business decisions, such as the direction of products or services.

How do I add a survey to a message from edrone?

Currently, in the edrone system we do not have a separate element responsible for creating surveys, but you can prepare them with the available functionalities in the system! When preparing any creation, you can implement the prepared survey in any program that allows you to download it with HTML code, we recommend a tool called Typeform, or Myforms, and then paste the downloaded HTML code into an element in the wizard called "HTML" and you're done! Simple, right? Let's go through the whole process step-by-step together

  1. Prepare the survey form in any survey software and download it in HTML code, e.g., or

  2. Log in to your edrone account and go to the scenario of your choice

  3. Go do the design section

  4. Drag the "HTML" element and drop it where you want to place the prepared survey

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about sending surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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