The opt-in model determines how your Client (the end-user) allows you to use their data. It is up to you whether to ask your Client for an additional authorization (double opt-in), or decide that simply submitting the data is enough (single opt-in).

Double opt-in

The end-user receives an email request to confirm their registration, typically by following an activation link. This method helps avoid misunderstandings and limits the legal risks. On May 25, 2018, new, unified data protection regulations (GDPR) will enter into force across the European Union. Their provisions include an explicit rule of accountability, under which controllers have to be able to demonstrate that they observe the personal data protection regulations. Thanks to the two-step authorization, it is much easier for us to show that the end-user has expressed a voluntary and informed consent. Therefore, we consider this solution to be the optimal and default one for the edrone system in the European Union.

Single opt-in

The end-user only needs to provide their basic data in order to use your service, and does not authorize their accuracy later on. As a result, our database may include email addresses of persons who have never actually wanted to use our services. In case of companies registered in EU or selling their products in EU, sending even commercial information to such persons is connected for the data controller with the risk of getting negative feedback or facing legal problems. If you choose this option, we would recommend you to check regulations on sending commercial information applicable on markets where your organization operates.

Select the subscription model for your store's user

edrone Double Opt-in - (a recommended option). Consents to a marketing content are collected through the edrone system. In the newsletter subscription scenario there is a possibility of creating Exit PopUp, a confirmation message and a welcome message.

By leaving his/her email address through Exit PopUP or a form on the store website, a Customer has an assigned status - Unknown, pending the subscription confirmation. The subscription confirmation takes place by clicking on the activation link. Two-step authorization in edrone is simple. All necessary information arising the user’s right to information - such as the exact time of subscribing/unsubscribing, can be found on the user's individual profile in the edrone system. The data may be downloaded and uploaded to the user at any time.

Double Opt-in non edrone – The responsibility for the two-step authorization lies with you (using a different mechanism to collect customer confirmations). When you select this option, please, remember that all addresses are added to the system with the “Unknown” status. Only after clicking the activation link the user’s status changes.

Single Opt-in – The user after leaving his/her email address in Exit PopUp/the form on the store’s website is saved in the database as: "Saved".

Single Opt-in with message - The user after leaving his/her email address in Exit PopUp/the form on the store’s website is saved in the database as: "Saved" and a welcome message is sent to him/her (for example, with the Discount Voucher).

Remember - even if the newsletter subscription scenario is not active, it is your choice of a user subscription model that affects how data are sent to edrone.

Synchronization of subscription statuses - If you want to receive an automatic information about users, who unsubscribed from messages sent from the edrone system – please, get acquainted with our documentation. The synchronization of subscription statuses is possible in case of a dedicated integration and some platforms (magento/magento2/iai/atomstore). Write to us and find out whether your platform is on our list. You can also generate a report of all "unsubscribed customers" in the section Settings-> Export.


Make sure that consents placed on Exit PopUp are written in a plain language, comprehensible for the Recipient. While leaving his/her email address in Exit PopUp the User must express an informed and voluntary consent to the marketing communication through a selected communication channel. If through Exit PopUp you collect both e-mail addresses and phone numbers, it is necessary to place two separate consents. Below you can find exemplary contents of newsletter consents and subscription confirmation messages.

Below you can find examples of properly set-up Exit PopUp and a message with an activation link.

Newsletter consent (Exit Pop up).

☐ (mandatory)

I hereby agree to have the above personal data processed in order to receive a newsletter.

☐ (mandatory)

I hereby agree to receive commercial information about selected products.

☐ (optional)

I hereby agree to receive commercial information special offers about, also text messages.

Copy email (double opt-in) message with a confirmation.

Great! You have already almost subscribed to our unique newsletter. Before you click the activation link, please see this information (link to the Privacy Policy).

Please note that the administrator of your data is: XYZ with its seat in K. You can always correct, rectify your data, revoke your consent at any time, and even request a data transfer or deletion. We do this to provide our services at our best. Your data will be stored as long as it is necessary to secure your rights (for example for a warranty period or a limitation period, when you are buying a product). Should you have any questions or concerns, please, write to us at Your safety and trust is most important to us! p.s. Remember that you can always file a complaint to the President of the Office for the Personal Data Protection with its seat in Warsaw.

Below the text place the activation link – a dynamic element of "Subscribe" 

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