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How do I find and what does the customer card contain at edrone?
How do I find and what does the customer card contain at edrone?

Get a 360° view of each customer!

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What is a customer card?

The customer card contains all relevant information about your customer. The more interactions he has with your store, the more information you will find about him in edrone. In short, it gives you a 360° view of everything there is to know about your customer. What's more, you have it neatly organized in one place.

What does the customer card contain?

Below is a list of information you can find on the customer card:

  • Basic contact information, such as full name, email address, phone number;

  • Information about the consumer groups to which the customer belongs;

  • Location (city and country)

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Subscription status (email and SMS)

  • System data (first login, last visit information, customer ID, IP address);

  • Tags assigned to the customer

  • Customer timeline, including information about their previous interactions with products (viewed/added to cart/ordered) and engagement (open emails/clicks)

Why and how to export a customer card to HTML?

By exporting the customer card, you will obtain even more data about the user, you will see logs, e.g. regarding subscription status changes, so you will be able to analyse step by step how the subscription status changed and what influenced it.

To export the customer card to HTML, follow the steps below.

1. Go to CRM Section

Go to CRM Section

2. Search client card

Search Client Card

3. Click on Export to HTML

Click on Export to HTML

4. Click on Download

Click on Download

Need more help?

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