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How to integrate edrone with Google Analytics
How to integrate edrone with Google Analytics

Expand your knowledge about your customers' interests and behaviors!

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Google Analytics is a must-have for anyone that owns or manages a website and wants to know more about its audience, where traffic is coming from and what visitors are doing while browsing the website.

This is especially true for online stores, which can use Google Analytics to monitor user's paths from source to conversion into sales.

The edrone system provides a wide range of relevant metrics and KPIs that are vital to any online store, and integrating it with Google Analytics can result in even deeper insights about your customers' browsing and shopping behaviors.

So let's learn how to integrate edrone with Google Analytics!

Step 1. Log into system

To begin, log in to your Workspace and go to SETTINGS > INTEGRATION > GOOGLE ANALYTICS. You will be asked to provide your Tracking ID.

Step 2. Find your tracking ID

To find your Tracking ID, log in to your Google Analytics account and go to Management View > Property Settings.

You will find your tracking ID at the top of the page, inside the Basic Settings section.

Step 3. Put your tracking ID into edrone

Copy your tracking ID and go back to edrone. Now you just have to input the Tracking ID into the required field and click on the SAVE button.

That's it! Your edrone Workspace is now integrated with Google Analytics. Make sure you keep the status as Enabled and check your metrics regularly!

Need more help?

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