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See exactly when and how an order was attributed to edrone's engagement features!

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Apart from the many real-time Dashboards & Reports, edrone offers a wide variety of exportable reports. Click here to see all available options.

In this article, we will focus on the Attribution Report. This report shows the orders attributed to edrone engagements within a specific period of time.

To generate this report, log into your edrone Workspace and go to SETTINGS > EXPORT and select ATTRIBUTION REPORT from the drop-down menu. Then, select the desired time period and click EXPORT.

The generated CSV file will contain the following data:

  • Order ID

  • Order value

  • Order date

  • Attribution date (the moment when the attribution was established by the edrone system)

  • Engagement type

  • Campaign name

  • Attribution reason (OPEN, CLICK or OPEN/CLICK)

  • Email open date

  • Email click date

  • Email click URL

How to analyze the Attribution Report?

To do this, it's important to understand how attribution works in the edrone system.

An order will be attributed to edrone's engagement features after the user takes one or both of these actions:

  • Opening an email

  • Clicking on a link inside an email

In other words, an order can be attributed to edrone after the user opens an email, even if a click did not immediately follow. This is possible thanks to inserting a hidden tracking pixel into the email and our mechanism of linking a session based on cookies. Here's an example of why that makes sense:

User opens an email → Copies the discount code → opens the store's website in their browser → makes a purchase.

Other systems, such as Google Analytics, would consider this an "organic" conversion because they can't access off-site information such as how the user interacted with an email. Therefore it is only capable of providing attribution based on their own channels (e.g. Google Ads, Youtube etc) and clicks to URLs with UTM parameters (such as those automatically generated by edrone's engagement features).

When generating an attribution report, you can filter data by "attribution reason", "email open date" and "attribution date" and decide for yourself whether or not you consider this order to be attributed edrone activities.

Of course, in the example above, if the user had copied the discount code and then clicked on a button leading directly to the store, the order would then be attributed to both the open and the click in the attribution report.

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