Text messages in RECOVER ABANDONED CARTS scenario

Learn how to prepare your SMS messages correctly and increase your chances of recovering abandoned carts!

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SMSAPI integration is used in the RECOVER ABANDONED CARTS and SMS NEWSLETTER scenarios.

Using it requires proper configuration of the SMSAPI account and integration with edrone.

If everything went well, you can start creating a scenario.

In the ADJUST section, you can choose the channel message to be sent:

If configured as above, the first message will be sent only via SMS and the second one via email and SMS.

After integration, sender names are embedded to edrone and you can choose them in the SENDER section.

In the DESIGN SECTION, you can choose which messages should be edited. The message will be clickable in the menu only if you choose it in the ADJUST section:

In the REVIEW section, you can send a test message. Just remember that test messages also use SMSAPI points.

  •  What happens if there is no customer phone number provided?

If you import database to edrone, you can choose to add the "phone number" field into it. 

You can collect phone numbers in the pop-up window as well by adding the "phone" field:

If there is no phone number provided and only the "text message" field is checked, the message will not be sent. If both fields are checked (email message and text message), edrone will send only an email message.

  •  The scenario is paused. What can be done?

There could be two reasons for a paused scenario.

No discount codes. Import the codes and resume the scenario.

No points in the SMSAPI account. Top it up and resume the scenario. It is the user's responsibility to keep it topped up with points necessary for SMS dispatch. Please keep in mind that test messages also use points.

  •  Who will get my message and when?

The subscription status is the same for SMS and email communication. If the customer is signed up for newsletter communication, he or she will also be subscribed to SMS communication. To ensure that everything is in order, it is important to check that the customer has agreed to this type of communication.

The customer's resignation will mean resigning from both communication channels.

The customer should only have one phone number assigned to one email address. In the event of an attempt to use the same phone number with another email address, it will be assigned only to one of the addresses.

Messages are only sent between 9:00 and 20:00 CET, not to disturb the customers during the night.

Example: if the customer abandons cart at 19:00 and message is scheduled to be sent three hours after that action, that message will not be sent at 22:00, but at the next possible opportunity (9:00 in this case).

  •  What about discount codes?

Embedding discount codes is possible in an email message only if you choose a fixed code which you can place as text message content.

  •  Where the link in message directs?

You can place any link in the message. We suggest shortening it using such tools as Bitly.

Important: Remember that one text message contains 160 characters. The use of special characters (such as ñ,ä or ç) will shorten the message to 70 characters only.

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