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What is app_id and where I can find it?
What is app_id and where I can find it?
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What is app_id?

App_id is the unique identifier of your workspace (i.e. your shop, or the language version of your shop). It consists of a sequence of numbers and digits. It is used in the integration to identify events, this means that if we receive some event from your shop, such as a product viewing by some customer, it is on the basis of the app_id that the system assigns this event to your workspace.

Where in the system can I check the app_id of a particular workspace?

After logging into your workspace in edrone, go to Settings -> Intergration -> Platforms, there you will see information about your integration with the shop platform and also the app_id:

The app_id can also be found by clicking on the button "Integrate ecommerce platform" or, when the workspace is already integrated, "Change integration" and then clicking on the desired platform or simply "universal":

Where can the app_id be used?

The app_id is mainly needed for integration with your ecommerce platform, in order to identify events specifically from your shop.

It can also be used for custom integrations, e.g. with, in which case the app_id is also used for identification, i.e. thanks to the app_id, event data from the created landings will be sent to your workspace.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about app_id, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or at

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