What is Universal Integration?
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Universal Integration was created so that any store can freely integrate with edrone. It is designed for several types of e-stores:

  • those built on a platform not supported by edrone (check here which platforms we support)

  • requiring basic integration, in the simplest possible way

  • entities with "broken" integration (sending events with bad action_type)

How it works?

The way Universal Integration works is to take the responsibility of recognizing event types off of the web store. Determining whether we got product_view, add_to_cart or any event is done on the edrone API side. Importantly - if there are any changes on the store side, the integration should not unpin itself.

How to implement Universal Integration?

The platform integration is based on the implementation of the following scripts:

  1. Initialization code that must be on every subpage of the store, such as in the head section of the HTML code. It can also be added using Google's Tag Manager. To find your app_id log into your app and go to Settings -> Integration

The edrone system uses advanced technology to analyze customer behavior and translate it into meaningful actions, such as browsing a product, adding a product to a shopping cart or subscribing to a newsletter form. Using a product file, the system can effectively identify and respond to the intentions of store visitors.

  1. To add a product file URL to edrone, after logging into your account, go to Settings -> Product File -> Import New Data File.

  2. Finally, implement the following code on the "Thank You Page", replacing the sample data with the appropriate variables. This varies from platform to platform, it is necessary here to adjust accordingly under the specific tool you are using.

"Thank you page" contains information about the customer's email address, order amount and product IDs, which is essential for edrone to operate efficiently. Our system can recognize the customer on the next visit and personalize the browsing experience by displaying relevant products or sending personalized emails. This has the effect of increasing customer engagement and boosting sales. The information is also used to track customer behavior and purchase history.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about working with Universal Integration on edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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