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How to encourage customers to use chat?
How to encourage customers to use chat?

Encourage your customers to ask questions in chat!

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Introducing chat on your website is a huge step in improving customer service and making e-commerce more efficient. Therefore, find out the best practices to encourage your customers to use chat!

  • Ensure visibility and accessibility - for a customer to pay attention to the chat, it must be well aligned with the site so that it is visible and accessible. It's a good idea to use the color scheme included on the site to ensure content consistency.

  • Understandable communication - short and clear information or questions will allow your messages to be understood, and give the customer the opportunity to specify his requirements precisely.

  • Show the customer the hours of support - with this information, the customer will be aware that the consultant is available and willing to help him solve his difficulties.

  • Introduce the customer to the advantages - to encourage the customer to use the chat you can offer him a discount code, so you will encourage him to make a purchase, and also introduce a new model of communication on your website

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