What is Blacklist and Whitelist?

These are lists of email addresses or domains that are treated in a specific manner by spam filtering systems.

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Blacklist and Whitelist are mechanisms that support maintaining order in mailboxes and enhance the level of security in electronic communication.


The blacklist includes email addresses or domains considered suspicious or unwanted. In email campaigns, anti-spam mechanisms use the blacklist to block or redirect messages from these sources to the spam folder. Its purpose is to prevent spam and protect users from potential threats such as malware and phishing.


The whitelist includes email addresses or domains recognized as safe and trustworthy. Messages from these sources usually pass through anti-spam filters and go to the recipient's inbox. A whitelist helps distinguish non-threatening messages from potentially harmful ones. As a result, the mail server won't reject such a message and will deliver it to the recipient because it originates from a trusted source.

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