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Why an email in one inbox is in spam and in the other inbox is not?
Why an email in one inbox is in spam and in the other inbox is not?
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There are many factors that can influence why an email may end up in the spam folder in one mailbox but not in another. Here are some possible reasons:

Spam filters

Different email service providers use different spam filters. The algorithms of these filters can be adapted to individual user preferences and detect various factors related to the content and sender of the e-mail.

Individual settings

Users have control over the anti-spam settings of their mailboxes. They can adjust the level of anti-spam filters and decide which emails go to the spam folder.

Blacklist and whitelist

Some mailboxes allow users to create blacklists and whitelists of emails. If the sender is on a blacklist, the email may end up in your spam folder. In turn, adding to a whitelist can prevent emails from a specific sender from being placed in the spam folder.

Sending Domain Reputation

Mail servers also evaluate the sender's reputation. If a sender is often reported as spam, this may affect whether their emails end up in your spam folder.

Message content

Spam filters analyze the content of messages, looking for features often associated with spam, such as certain phrases, headers, or attachments. If the email content shows characteristics often associated with spam, this may influence the spam filter's decision.

User Activity

Audiences' individual preferences, based on their past behavior, may also contribute to this type of situation. User interactions with a particular sender, such as opening and clicking on emails, may influence whether an email is considered spam or not.

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