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INDUMETER: Your new tool for analyzing newsletter campaign results
INDUMETER: Your new tool for analyzing newsletter campaign results

Compare and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns

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INDUMETER: What is it?

INDUMETER is an innovative tool that enables customers to compare their newsletter campaign statistics with other stores in the industry in an attractive and intuitive manner. Using emojis, we present key indicators that help you understand how effectively you are reaching your target audience.

How does it work?

Average Campaign Metrics: Straight from the group, straight from the heart of the data!

INDUMETER allows the analysis of four key metrics: OR (Open Rate), CTOR (Click to Open Rate), and CTR (Click Through Rate). But that's not all! By applying different levels, you can quickly assess how your results compare to other stores in your industry and country.

When and where to check INDUMETER?

INDUMETER indicators are located just above your newsletter campaigns in the NEWSLETTER tab. The process of calculating average indicators operates once a week, providing fresh data from the last 30 days. This means that every Monday morning, you can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns from the past month!

Which industries do we consider when calculating average results?

  • Animals and Pet Supplies

  • Electronics

  • Equipment (Sports Equipment)

  • Food, Drinks, and Tobacco

  • Gadgets and Advertising; Office Supplies; Media; Art and Entertainment

  • Health and Beauty; Health and Wellness

  • Home and Garden; Furniture

  • Jewelry; Travel Accessories; Fashion and Accessories

  • Kids and Babies; Games and Toys

  • Vehicles and Parts

Emoji as the key to understanding

INDUMETER uses emojis as a tool for quickly understanding the effectiveness of campaigns. What do you need to do to obtain information such as the average value of a metric in your industry? Just click on a specific emoji!

Why is INDUMETER a must-have for your business?

  1. Global Comparisons: Compare your campaign results globally and industry-wide. Nothing will escape your attention!

  2. Benchmarking: Stay up to date and verify how you are performing compared to other players in the industry.

  3. Averages speak more than you think: Indicators illustrating the average provide additional context and insight, allowing you to understand whether you are on track or if there is something worth working on.

Are you intrigued? As you can see, INDUMETER is not just a data analysis tool—it is a key element of your marketing strategy that will help you make decisions based on real indicators!

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the INDUMETER, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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