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AI Assistant: Your Partner in Newsletter Creation!
AI Assistant: Your Partner in Newsletter Creation!
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In an era of dynamic market and rapidly changing trends, time is a precious resource. That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our new ally - AI Assistant, working with the powerful GBT Chat! This tool is a revolutionary way to shorten the process of creating marketing messages, i.e. our favorite newsletters.

The new Newsletter-Hub is the answer to the needs of modern marketers. Click on the menu on the home page and discover at the very top some fascinating proposals and creative content ideas, tailored to unusual holidays and events that are coming up.

Because we know that these days, any opportunity to connect with our subscribers is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship!

Check it out to see what it looks like!

Every week, you receive tested suggestions for marketing messages along with ready-made, short sample content for your messages.

In practice, it looks like this: every Monday you will receive 10 event suggestions with different dates. Some of these events may be scheduled for the following week, which results in you getting 8 new suggestions on the following Monday. This means that the previous week's 2 items carry over to the coming week!

At edrone, we know that the future has arrived now. Working with technology like our AI Assistant opens up new possibilities for you. It allows you to focus on the important aspects of your marketing strategy while it provides you with ready-made ideas. This is just the beginning - together with edrone, we are entering an era where human-machine cooperation brings spectacular results.

Don't delay, test our AI Assistant today and see how easy and creative you can make out-of-the-box newsletters! After all, your goals are our goals!

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the Newsletter HUB in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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