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Inactive customers? Make them come back to you!
Inactive customers? Make them come back to you!

Learn techniques to save inactive customers.

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Customer retention can be a key objective of your e-commerce. Gaining a new customer can be up to 7 times higher than retaining an existing one who already knows you and uses your offer.

edrone is the tool to help you engage inactive customers. Take advantage of Marketing Automation!

Run the automatic scenario "Restore Customers"

A customer who has not been in your shop for a certain period of time (set by you) will receive a message in which you can encourage them to come back, take a look at your current offer, and even take advantage of possible discounts.

Take advantage of the "Custom Flows" functionality.

This functionality takes a flexible approach to sending automated messages. Using a variety of filters, you have the option to create a custom message that can take into account various customer parameters or customer activity, such as the value of all orders or the time since the last visit.

Run the "Loyalty Programme" and "Referral Programme" scenarios

Both programs engage your customers in shopping and reward them for their activity, thus increasing their lifetime value (CLV) and making them more likely to return to your shop.

Resources about the Loyalty Programme and the Referral Programme.

Send a personalized recall message

You can also prepare a segment of contacts who have not visited your shop for a long time and send them a personalized message!

Use techniques that can encourage them to visit and use your offer again, i.e. offer a discount; showcase products that may appeal to this audience; create content that is engaging and establishes a relationship, arouse curiosity and a sense of urgency. Remember to have a catchy news title.

You can also create messages in the Newsletter A/B tab. With it, you will test two messages with different titles and see which one performs better and is more engaging!

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