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How do you effectively build your subscriber base?
How do you effectively build your subscriber base?

Solutions to help you grow your subscriber base.

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The customer base is one of the most important aspects, so remember to take care of its continuous growth and its activation.

Below you will find tools, and solutions to help you build your subscriber base.

Newsletter subscription scenario

Choose the right subscription model and run the scenario so that you communicate with your customers as soon as they sign up from all the forms. Click here to walk through its configuration with us.

Pop Up

A pop-up that appears on a page to attract people - that's what it is!

We see very high customer interaction and a high frequency of consumers choosing this form to sign up.

Click here and find out more about how to tailor it to your site and needs.

Your forms on the website

When we verify the integration, we are making the connections to your on-page forms. Therefore, we will also source your customer base from these. This will bring every user straight into our system. If you have a form in a different place than the footer, registration, or ordering area, let us know and we will try to plug it in there too.

Web Layer Slider

A slider on the right or left-hand side that will be available at all times in case a customer wants to sign up? It's a good idea to combine it with our pop-ups, as the Web Layer will still be visible on the page when it closes, so the user has the form at their fingertips.

Configure your Web Layer, and find out more.

Your landing page

If you have a landing page where you solicit your customers let us know, we'll hook into that form too, so that people can find their way into our system automatically (without having to do an import every now and then).

Referral programme

Rewards for referrals, whisper marketing, refer and you will gain - these are terms that come up when describing this scenario. Build your subscriber base by recommending your shop to others perhaps close to you. Share an affiliate link with your base and you will gain further audiences from their referrals. Learn more about how this scenario works and enjoy a growing base.

Do you need additional help?

If you have any additional questions about solutions for building your subscriber base, please contact us at

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