The Custom Flows pop-up is not showing
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In order for your pop-up, which is used in the path in Custom Flows, to be displayed correctly, you must remember two important things:

  • The users to whom the pop-up is to be displayed must be identified. Thanks to the identification, the system "knows" to whom the appropriate onsite element should be displayed. To learn more about identification, go here.

  • The pop-up will not be displayed on the specific URL that was used in the pop-up rule. Example: you want the pop-up to be displayed on the website
    The user entering this address only sends information to the system that the pop-up is to be displayed. Thus, the element will appear on the next subpage to which the user will go.

    It is also worth checking whether the pop-up is running and whether other conditions are met, apart from the URL where it is to be displayed (i.e. time, user's subscription status).

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