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Start elements in Custom Flows
Start elements in Custom Flows
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Start creating your Custom Flow!

In this article, you will learn about where to start creating a Custom Flow. Every flow must start with a starting element. This is the condition that will start your path, which is the Flow.

The starting element can be various actions taken by the customer or status changes. We will go through all the possible options:

Click on START…

Click on Select a start element…

Product viewing

A customer viewed a product from a category, a specific product or any product:

Click on Select type of product viewing…

When you choose the option with browsing a product from a category, you need to select a specific category. Remember to upload the Product Feed beforehand.

Click on Select product category…

When we choose the option of viewing a specific product in turn, we will have to select one of the fields:

  • Product Title

  • Url of the product

  • Product id

Then we give one of the conditions:

  • Contains

  • Does not contain

  • Is

  • Is not

Finally, we specify a value - here we enter a specific value, such as URL of the product, ID of the product, which will allow us to find the product.

Click on Select a specific product…

Adding to cart

A customer added a specific product, a product from a specific category or any product to the cart. Then apply the instructions from step 1.

Click on Select type of adding to cart…

Making a purchase

A customer has placed an order for a specific product, a product in a specific category, or any product. Then apply the instructions from step 1.

Click on Select type of making a purchase…

New customer in base

This option will allow you to start Custom Flow when a new user is added to your customer base.

Customer birthday

The flow will start on the customer's birthday. Remember to collect information about your users' birthdays beforehand.

Entering a specific URL

Entering a specific page, that is, the customer has entered a specific URL.

Choose whether one rule or all rules should be fulfilled (you can add several rules).

Then choose one of the following options:

  • URL is

  • URL is not

  • URL contains

  • URL does not contain

And we enter the full URL or a part of the URL.

Click on Entering specific URL…

Subscription status changed

A customer has subscribed or unsubscribed. Note that this functionality applies only to users who already exist in the database.

Click on Select the type of status change Select the type of status change…

Interaction with an email

A customer opened an email, clicked on an email, or used both.

Click on Select type of Interaction with an email…

Abandoned cart

The customer added one or more products to the cart and left the store. Note that for this starter item, you should wait at least 3 hours before proceeding to the next step. This time will allow you to verify whether the purchase has been completed or not.

Click on Abandoned cart…

Getting a tag

A tag has been assigned to the customer.

Click on Select Tag…

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