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Universal Integration for Idosell (IAI) platform
Universal Integration for Idosell (IAI) platform
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This guide will help you implement Universal Integration on the Idosell (IAI) platform

The integration consists of 3 steps:

1. Adding an initialization script.

2. Generating a product feed on the platform and implementing it in the edrone panel.

3. Adding the script to the Thank You Page of your store, i.e. on the page confirming the purchase.

All the scripts that need to be added can be found in the edrone documentation at, in the Other section, and then in the “Integrate with universal integration” tab (LINK). You will also find a short and general instruction about this.

Step 1. Adding the initialization script.


Idosell provides a special tab on its platform called "HTML and Javascript Add-ons" in the Moderation -> Store design section where you can easily add a script.

Go to this tab on the platform.

In this tab, you can add scripts in various elements of the HTML code of the page. First, you need to add a campaign and define its parameters.

Complete the name of the campaign, mark the active status as "yes", and specify on which domain you want to implement the integration (if you have more of them).

Once you've created a campaign, it should appear on your list.

If you already see your campaign, in the next step, click "edit add-ons" and then "New add-on". In this section, you will add just the script you need.

At the beginning, you need to set the appropriate parameters of the add-on, which will be our initialization script. Do it according to the screen below.

In the next step, we need to paste our script, which you will find in the documentation (link is at the beginning of the manual) to the console below:

In this script, some modification should be made it means remove unnecessary elements,

replace the identifier which is the APP ID, the email and first_name parameters, and delete.

First of that, remove two tags that are not needed, because the Idosell platform automatically adds them for each script added through this tab:

Your script after removing these two tags should look like this:

Now it's time to replace the fields specifying the APP ID with data from your store. You can find the APP ID of your store in the edrone panel in the Settings -> Integration -> Platforms tab.

After copying it, replace it in two places in the script.

Then you need to change the email and first_name parameters:

These are variable data - the data sent to the edrone system will differ by e-mail address and name (when implementing the second script in point 3 with other, additional data, but we will get to this point), so it means that we should to specify the appropriate parameter that will display this variable value. To replace these fields, you must use the documentation prepared by Idosell. Just click the link below the text console window and the appropriate tab will open.

Look for the variable responsible for displaying the email address and copy it completely, including the brackets. Replace it in the appropriate line. Do the same with the first_name parameter. When you replace the necessary fields, do not forget to save the script by pressing the "SAVE" button.

This is how the script should look like after replacing the data (except APP ID, because you paste your unique ID there):

Below the console you will find additional settings. Duplicate them from the screen below, and then press the "Add" button:

Go back to the all campaigns view and make sure that the campaign responsible for Universal Integration is active.

Below you will find a ready-made code in which you just need to change your APP ID to your unique one.

(function (srcjs) {
window._edrone = window._edrone || {};
_edrone.app_id = 'YOUR_APP_ID';
_edrone.platform = 'universal'; = '[iai:client_email]';
_edrone.first_name = '[iai:client_name]';
let doc = document.createElement('script');
doc.type = 'text/javascript';
doc.async = true;
doc.src = ('https:' === document.location.protocol ? 'https:' : 'http:') + srcjs;
let s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(doc, s);

We have completed the first step, about the implementation of the initialization script.

Step 2. Generate a product feed and implementation in the edrone system.

The easiest way is to generate it in the CENEO format, which is acceptable by edrone. Go to the "Marketing and Integrations" tab, then "Price comparison websites, shopping malls and catalogs" on the Idosell platform, then select the store and press the "Add new site" button.

After pressing the button, a selection window appears in which you should choose to generate the CENEO feed:

Set the parameters according to the screen below and press "Save"

Feed generation can take up to 24 hours. You will get information that the export file is already generated. When the product feed is ready, you need to click "Select" -> "Export file"

You are going to open a window, from which you will be able to copy the link to your feed.

Now you need to implement it in edrone, so go to the main panel of your store in edrone, and then to the Settings -> Product Feed section. Click the "IMPORT NEW FEED" button and paste the link generated on the platform. Then select "OK" and the feed is implemented - note that its processing may take from several minutes to several hours - depending on its size and the number of products it contains.

Step 3. Implement the script on your website, which is displayed after placing the order.


This script is a bit more complicated than the previous one, so I'll show you what it should look like and you can recreate it almost 1 to 1 on your platform.

Go to the shop platform again, to the "HTML and Javascript Add-ons" tab in the Moderation -> Shop layout section. Again, click the "edit add-on" button for the Universal Integration edrone campaign and add a new add-on.

The window you already know from the previous steps will appear again. Make the initial settings of the add-on according to the screen below.

Copy the script from the documentation - this time another one that is there and paste it into the console.

As with the first script, it requires modifying the value variables, and removing the script opening and closing tags.

The first one is replacing the APP ID field, in exactly the same way as in the previous script. In the next steps, you need to replace the remaining fields, i.e. email, first_name, product_id, order_id and order_value with appropriate tags that are acceptable by the Idosell store platform - exactly as in the case of the first initialization script. Go back to the platform documentation.

The field responsible for the product_ids is more complex - no more details, but the information about the product is passed in a loop, so this field will look a bit different, but don't worry - you can reproduce exactly what I'm going to do and it will be correct. documentation from the second link.

In the case of product_ids, we have a start and end tag, between which a tag specifying the product id must be displayed, and which must be separated by a PIPE character (you will find it under the backspace on the keyboard).

We replace the remaining field exactly like the e-mail variable, i.e. we look for appropriate tags in the documentation and paste them into our script.

This is how your script should look like (except for APP ID fields - you should have data from your store there).

Below the console you will find further parameters that need to be set. Do it according to the screen below.

Then confirm your changes by clicking the "Change" button at the bottom of the page. Make sure that both add-ons in your Universal Integration campaign are active.

Below you will find a ready-made code in which you just need to change your APP ID to your unique one.

(function () {
window._edrone = window._edrone || {};
_edrone.app_id = 'YOUR_APP_ID'; = '[iai:client_email]'
_edrone.first_name = '[iai:client_name]';
_edrone.platform = 'universal';
_edrone.action_type = 'universal_order'
_edrone.product_ids = '[iai:foreach_products_begin][iai:product_id]|[iai:product_id][iai:foreach_products_end]'; // use "|" sign to separate products from each other
_edrone.order_id = '[iai:order_id]';
_edrone.order_payment_value = '[iai:order_worth_cpa2]';


If you want to verify the correctness of the integration, go to the SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > EVENT MONITOR tab in the edrone panel. Here you can check what events are sent to edrone.

You should also contact with your supervisor or write to We will check the correctness of the integration for you and make connections to all newsletter subscription forms available on the store's website.

Need more help?
If you have any further questions about the integration Idosell with edrone please do not hesitate to contact us at

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