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Show your customers how others are falling in love with your products and enjoying your hottest offers!

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Consider the immense power that influencers have on Social Media to drive sales. It’s no wonder the top names earn millions collaborating with companies and promoting their products – because it works!

As the term influencer suggests, it’s all about how other people’s behaviors have a strong effect on our own – and this is especially true in uncertain situations, such as buying a product online. Which product to buy? Where to buy it? Is it good? Should I buy it now or leave it for later?

All these and many other questions can be answered by other people’s behavior. This is called Social Proof and it can be the difference between “I need this now” and “I’ll come back later” (meaning: I probably won’t come back).

Since edrone is all about helping your online store become a sales machine, it offers you the possibility to create a sense of urgency in your customers, and show them that other people already love your products – so they’ll probably love it, too!

Let’s go over how to set up this feature step by step.

How to set up Social Proof

To begin, log into your edrone Workspace and go to ONSITE > SOCIAL PROOF.

The main page will show you a list of the Social Proof widgets you have already created. Every card will display:

  • Unique name of the Social Proof widget

  • Social Proof goal (Promote / Inform / Influence)

  • Current status (ACTIVE / INACTIVE)

  • The time range over which the Social Proof widget is displayed

You will also be able to activate/deactivate, duplicate or delete each widget.

NOTE: The option to delete is only available for inactive widgets.

To create a new Social Proof widget, click on the + button.

Step 1: Goal

In this step, you will determine the basic settings for your new Social Proof widget:

  • Social Proof name – this won’t appear to the customer, it’s for identification purposes only.

  • Language of the messages – the content of the notifications is predetermined, so make sure to choose the language your customers speak. The languages currently available are:

    • Polski

    • English

    • Português

    • Română

    • Deutsch

    • Čeština

  • Social Proof goal – what do you want to achieve.

    • Promote: promote products by showing their popularity in numbers

    • Inform: inform customers about current promotions, discount codes and their duration

    • Influence: engage your customers by showing them information about the last pieces

Step 2: Adjust

Now you will choose the parameters for the goal you chose on the first step. Each goal will have different parameters.

Goal: Promote

For the “Promote” goal, you will be able to choose between three notification types:

  • Number of viewers – the number of people who viewed a product in the chosen time range.

  • Number of additions to the cart – the number of people who added a product to the cart in the chosen time range.

  • Number of purchases – the number of people who purchased a product in the chosen time range.

Goal: Inform

For the “Inform” goal, you will be able to choose between three notification types:

  • Promo code – this will give you the possibility to place a static discount code (which must be previously created on your online store).

    • NOTE: the user will be able to copy the promo code by clicking on the Social Proof widget.

  • Promo code with timer – this will give you the possibility to place a static discount code (which must be previously created on your online store) together with a countdown timer.

    • NOTE: the user will be able to copy the promo code by clicking on the Social Proof widget.

  • Timer – a countdown timer with the option of placing a URL which, upon being clicked, will redirect customers to a specific page (e.g. a page with all the products currently on sale).

NOTE: For both options with the countdown timer, you will determine the end time on step 4.

Goal: Influence

For the “Influence” goal, you will be able to choose between two notification types:

  • Last pieces – “Hurry up! Only a few pieces left!”

  • Time-limited offer – “Hurry up! This offer is time-limited!”

NOTE: The content of these messages is predetermined and cannot be customized.

Time Range

You will need to determine the time range that will be reflected in the notification:

  • Last 24 hours

  • Last week

  • Last month

  • From the beginning

    • Only available for additions and purchases, and these interactions are counted from May 12th, 2022 onwards.

You can use this option only in Social Proof Promote type.

Other Social Proof settings

Here you can personalize Social Proof to match your store. You can personalize the following items:

Radius type for Social Proof element

You can choose from curved, sharp or rounded

Branding color:

Here you can specify a color in line with your brand identity - it will be used in Social Proof elements.

You can select the colour directly using the color picker, or use the hexadecimal colour code (hex)!

Click on Branding color…

Step 3: Display

Now you will determine your Social Proof widget’s position on desktop and mobile screens.

NOTE: Your Social Proof widgets will always be displayed on both desktop as well as mobile devices.

Desktop display options:

  • Top left

  • Top right

  • Bottom left

  • Bottom right

Mobile display options:

  • Top

  • Bottom

Step 4: Rules

Finally, you will set up the rules governing when, and on which pages, the Social Proof notifications should appear to your customers.

Set triggers

  • On every page – all pages of your website

  • On product pages – only on product pages

  • Based on URL

    • URL is…

    • URL is not…

    • URL contains…

    • URL does not contain…

    • URL address… (Regex)

Set timing

  • Display delay (how long it takes for the Social Proof notification to appear after the page is loaded): ON/OFF (5s / 10s / 30s)

    • If set to OFF, it will appear immediately when conditions are fulfilled.

  • Auto-closing (how long the Social Proof notification will be displayed before disappearing): ON/OFF (5s / 10s / 30s)

    • If set to OFF, it will stay on the screen until the user closes it.


  • Display now – your Social Proof widget will be published immediately. Also, since there is no end time, it will run indefinitely until it is manually deactivated.

  • Display time – your Social Proof widget will be published according to the selected time period, according to your Workspace’s time zone settings. If you used the Inform goal with a countdown timer, it will follow this time period.

Step 5: Publish

Is everything ready to go? Great! Now you have three options:

  • SAVE – By clicking this button, you will save any changes made. Please note that this will not update existing Social Proof widgets – you need to click the PUBLISH

  • PUBLISH – By clicking this button, your Social Proof widget will be activated according to the chosen settings.

  • PREVIEW – When you click this button, a preview will open in a new window showing how the Social Proof widget will look like on your store.

Enjoy your new Social Proof feature and keep up the great work!

Social Proof reports

As with any other marketing activity, you need to be able to monitor your Social Proof performance metrics to continuously optimize them.

You will find a Social Proof section on the Onsite Reports (REPORTS > ONSITE).

Here are the metrics you will be able to monitor:

  • Number of active social proof widgets on the website

  • Number of inactive social proof widgets on the website

  • Views over time

  • Clicks over time

  • CTR over time

  • Closing over time

To learn more about Social Proof reports, click here.

Need more help?

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