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How to customize Social Proof?
How to customize Social Proof?

Customise the Social Proof widget to suit your brand!

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To get started, log into your edrone Workspace and go to ONSITE > SOCIAL PROOF.

The home page will display a list of Social Proof widgets you have previously created. You will be able to add, activate/deactivate, duplicate or delete each widget.

To customize Social Proof, go to step 2 ( Adjust). Here you can personalize Social Proof to match your store.

You can personalize the following elements:

Notification displayed:

You will find dedicated notification for each goal:

Click on Choose the type of notification

Radius type for Social Proof element:

You can choose from rounded, sharp or round.

Click on Curved…

Branding color:

Here you can specify a color according to your brand identity - it will be used in Social Proof elements.

Click on Branding color…

You can select the colour directly using the color picker, or use the hexadecimal colour code (hex)!

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about edrone's Social Proof feature, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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