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How does edrone identify the user's language?
How does edrone identify the user's language?

Understanding this will help you get the most out of multiple language campaigns!

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Most of edrone engagement features allow you to send email messages in one or multiple languages.

NOTE: the only engagement features that do not allow multiple language campaigns are A/B Newsletter, Wishlist scenario, and SMS Newsletter.

You might have even seen the chart showing a list of all languages and how many of your subscribers speak each one. This appears on the LANGUAGE step while setting up an engagement feature (newsletter or automation scenario).

You may have wondered how exactly the edrone system knows which clients speak which language. The answer is very simple: it recognizes the user's browser language!

This means that you don't need to collect this data from each user individually, and all of your contacts will be assigned to a language. This also means that the customer's assigned language is not related to their location.

For example, if your online store is based in Germany and you have a customer that lives in Germany but uses a browser in English, their assigned language will be English. Likewise, if your customer lives in France and uses a browser in German, their assigned language will be German.

NOTE: This is only relevant for multiple language campaigns. You can always send a single-language campaign and write it in whatever language you want.

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