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In the edrone system, there are two types of users:

  • Super Agents, who have administrator access to the entire system; and

  • Agents, who are regular users that have access to specific features according to the permissions set by a Super Agent.

Please note that only Super Agents can invite a new Agent to the edrone Workspace.

To add a new Agent, a Super Agent must go to SETTINGS > AGENTS.

Inside the Team tab, you will find a list of all existing agents. Below this list you will find the Add new team member section. To invite a new Agent to the Workspace, the Super Agent will need to fill out the new Agent's First name, Last name, and Email address and click SUBMIT.

An email will be sent automatically to the provided email address with an invitation to join the Workspace.

If the invited Agent doesn't have an account yet, they will be asked to set up a password. If the invited agent already has an account, they will receive an email with information about access to the new workspace.

Newly added agents, by default, don't have any permissions. They can be set when adding a new agent and freely modified later.

Managing Agent permissions

The permissions section is visible only to Super Agents. The available permissions are:

  • Access to Inbox

  • Possibility to import/export data from the system

  • Access to Settings

  • Access to Engagements

  • Access to Onsites

  • Access to Advertisement

  • Access to reports

  • Access to CRM

If an agent doesn't have permission for a particular part of the system, that section in the Mission Control menu will be blocked (grayed out and with a padlock icon).

To learn more about Agents and Super Agents, CLICK HERE.

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