Is there a better occasion for gift-giving than a birthday? Use our Birthday Scenario and send your customers best wishes and a special gift like a discount or free product! It helps you strengthen the relationship with your recipients.

In order to help you build long-lasting relations with shop users, we have created a scenario that allows you to contact customers on their birthdays and thus show them that you remember them and care about them. Thanks to this, the client will feel special, and you can gain further conversions due to gift purchases.

Below we briefly describe how to implement our Birthday Scenario.

How do we know when a customer's birthday is?

We can collect such information from shop users through onsite elements like Pop-ups or Weblayers. Add a date of birth checkbox when subscribing or in any other form where you want to collect this information. Remember to include checkboxes for consent!

How do you add such an element in a Pop-up or Weblayer? It's easy. In our creator in the Design section, select Elements, then the relevant Container and click Birthday Select:

The added element can be freely placed and adapted to the entire creation.

You can find more information about creating a pop-up HERE.

If you have already collected information on your customers' birthdays earlier, you can import this data into our system. Prepare a CSV file (UTF-8 encoding) the same as the one you create when you want to add new users or update your database. In the file include in one column customer e-mail addresses and in the second column the date of birth assigned to it. Be sure to enter the dates in the format year-month-day, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2021-01-04. Import the file under SETTINGS → IMPORT. The birthday will be displayed on the client's card in the CRM section.

If you use the IAI or VTEX platform, you do not have to import the CSV file. The data can be downloaded directly thanks to the API.

How to prepare a message

You can find the birthday scenario in our automations in the ENGAGE section.

In the CUSTOM section you can choose up to 4 email or sms messages. If you want to use sms messages, remember to integrate your SMS API account beforehand - more information can be found HERE.

In the scenario, you can decide how many days before the birthday the customer will receive the message. It can be sent on the birthday at the latest (days before birthday = 0).

In the next steps, you determine the language and the sender.

In the DESIGN section, prepare a unique creation in which you send the customer wishes and a gift. Here, you can use the dynamic element BESTSELLERS and remind the customer about your best products and encourage clients who are celebrating a birthday to give themselves a gift.

Remember to create a separate creation for each message, a separate one for email and sms:

In the next step, add discount codes if you’re including them in your message. This is a great opportunity to encourage shopping with a surprise discount on products from your shop.

And that's it! When the creation is ready, run the script in the SUMMARY section and surprise your clients with birthday wishes. Customers will surely be pleased when they notice that their favorite shop has remembered them even on their birthday!

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